Welcome to Otters Class!
We have 10 pupils in our class and our class is made up of year 5/6 pupils. We love to have fun, learn new topics and build our independence in Otters class.  
In our class Catherine is our class teacher, Rebecca, Gill (Mon-Thu), Brenda (Mon, Thu, Fri), Hayley (Tue, Weds, Fri) are our teaching assistants. 
During our school week, we have plenty of additional activities/ support to keep us extra busy:
  • Themed days/ weeks
  • Speech and language assistance
  • Occupational Therapy assistance
  • Sensory room sessions
  • Swimming (Friday PM - please bring in kit - groups taken on a rota basis)
  • Everton in the Community sessions (Rota basis)
  • Rebound (Rota basis)
  • Music sessions with a specialised music teacher (Rota basis)
Plus many more!
 Keep your eyes peeled for regular updates on our time in Otters class!
Our topic in this Autumn term is
'Wild Weather'

 During this topic we will explore the seasons and dive into the different weather each season brings. We will be learning about why the seasons change and what causes the severe weather we experience around the world. We will learn more about global warming and asking ourselves how we can make a change to make a difference to global warming.
Please find below, some useful resources to support any home learning. These videos and activities are some examples of what we will be covering in class over the term.
Literacy and Maths activities
Below are activities and games linking to Literacy and Maths - We are focusing on developing fine motor skills, pre writing skills, early number recognition and counting skills.
Sensory ideas
Linking into our sensory learning, below are some ideas you can try out at home. The activities here use a variety of materials and items you may find in your kitchen cupboards. 
Attention Autism Sessions