Support strategies for lockdown learning

The national lockdown means that pupils have to endure more changes to their normal routine. Some will be in school without all of their peers and possibly changes in staffing and some will be homeschooled.
What we might see as small, insignificant changes can effect pupils with SEND.
This needs to be taken into account when supporting your most vulnerable pupils.
Tips for supporting 
  • Be patient and understanding .
  • Allow time for pupils to process information and use visual first if possible
  • Try to keep the environment as calm as possible.
  • Keep as much routine as possible and use visuals to communicate this.
  • Keep language and noise to a minimum
  • Allow regular movement breaks ( remember the release of endorphins trigger happy feelings)
  • Have strategies for times when pupils are out of sorts eg some time in quiet area, a run around outside, hand/ foot massage, music, heavy blankets etc
  • Use interests to base activities on
  • Talk regularly with parents/carers to try and preempt any anxiety 
  • Be flexible 
  • Have fun 
  • Sensory activities ( gloop, shaving foam, water play etc)
There are some excellent ideas, websites and activities in the Home Tasks section of the website.