Welcome Back! - Post lockdown strategies

The 8th of March is fast approaching. Soon we will be welcoming back all our children some will be excited and some will be apprehensive and anxious.
For children with SEND more changes can cause anxiety and result in challenging or worrying behaviour.
Be prepared - you know your children! Tune in to their needs and be prepared.
Be patient and understanding - whether children have been learning in school or at home the 8th March will bring changes for everyone.
Allow time to adjust 
Regular movement breaks and outdoor time to get endorphins flowing.
Have sensory activities ready for those who need them ( it doesn't have to cost a fortune - trays of cheerio sand, oats, rice. pasta, shaving foam etc) .
Remember all behaviour is communication - what is the child trying to tell you?
A child can only learn when they are calm and happy. 
Not all learning takes place on the carpet, at a desk or is led by adults!
Have your visuals ready !
Use visuals to aid understanding and communication.
Visual timetables
Visuals on lanyards to show where you  are going or give choices
Now / Next boards
Working for boards
Visual first allowing processing time before adding speech often works best.