Welcome to the Seals class in Brookfields. 
We have 9 pupils in class.  Staffing wise, there is Morna (class teacher) and 4 support staff Sam, Rebecca, Jayne & Phil.  Every other Wednesday, Sarah will be teaching in class.
Our activities throughout the week will include building on our individual communication skills, problem solving, self help skills, working as a class to create our own floor book for our creative leaning topic 'Summer Fun' as well as soft play, hall and light room sessions. 
I've added some educational links to websites I hope you find useful.  If you need any resources, please do just email me.
Below are some pictures of what we get up to in Seals class.
Please scroll to the bottom of the page to see this weeks activities which can be completed at home with minimal resources.  
Remember to email Morna some pictures of what your child has been doing. 
Tuesday 9th February 2021 
It is a vital part of teaching and learning to keep all young children and their parents aware of the benefits of and the dangers of using the internet. E-SAFETY is  and integral part of our part of our curriculum and with remote learning being significantly increased in use, awareness of how to keep you and your child's safety online vitally important.
Please spend time on 9th February 2021 to look at the information below which will help support you with your understanding of online safety and ways to explain and share this with your children.
Here are some links to activities and games for Literacy.  Use the RWI (Read, Write Inc) links to keep refreshing your child's memory of letter sounds. 
Can they find something in the house which matches that sounds - m (mug), a (apple), s (salt), d (doll), t (towel)? 
Support your child to continue building on their letter writing by sprinkling some flour onto the table for them to mark make/make lines/write letters in.  It could also turn into an art session by turning marks/letters into silly pictures.  And remember to join in - drawing is as relaxing activity for all. 
Here are some links to activities and games for Maths
Here are some links to websites which have activities and games for both Literacy & Maths
Below are some Home Learning activities which can be done with minimal objects and materials that can be found around the home and when on a walk.