Welcome to Hawks Class!
We have 10 Year 4/5 pupils and 4 members of staff in the Hawks team.
The class teacher is Rebecca and the support staff are Georgia, Mel and Clare.
On our class page you will find lots of different sections to help you engage with your child during with home learning (remember to take lots of pictures - we love looking at them on the IWB as a class to celebrate the children's achievements) such as:
Topic (Music / Science / PSHE)
Things to remember:
  • Swimming is on Tuesdays.
  • Bus trips are fortnightly on Thursdays.
  • Pictures are uploaded to Evisense to show your child's learning journey, please ask for a log in if you do not have one.
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In PSHE, we will focus on describing our feelings and emotions, We will continue to build on ways to regulate our emotions including self-regulation strategies. We check-in with our feelings daily during registration and use symbols to communicate how we feel.
Please send in any home news for us to discuss things that have made us feel happy or sad during our daily check in.
The mathematical concepts this term are
Number and Measure
  • Number hunt - Can you recognise numbers in the environment? Local shops / in the home! 
  • How many ways can your child represent a number?
  • Playing number based games: Snakes & Ladders 
  • Number formation - use resources such as paint, bingo markers, felt tips, play-dough to write numbers.
  • Can your child help counting things around the house? e.g. counting the shoes, socks, coats.
Multiplication and Division
  • Making groups of objects e.g. 3 groups of 2 or 2 groups of 3. 
  • Sharing groups of objects e.g. biscuits between two people, 3 people, 4 people.
Uploaded below are some images to demonstrate these ideas: 
  • Can you find long and short objects around your home. Can you use your toys and order them from longest to shortest?
  • Fill different bottles (used fruit shoots) up with different coloured fluid liquid and allow children to fill other bottles up.
  • Collect heavy and light objects around your home.
  • Count different amount of money (coins and notes)
In this section there are lots of ideas and website game links to support your child with their phonics and literacy at home...
Reading with your child:
Enjoy some of your children's favourite books with them. Here are some suggestions and questions you can use whilst reading to your child...
  • Encourage children to turn the pages independently
  • Ask children to point to the different characters / pictures in the story
  • Ask children to retell key events in the story.
  • What might happen next? 
  • Who is your favourite character? Why?
  • What do you think will happen in the end?