Comic Strip Conversations

What are comic strip conversations?
Comic Strip conversations were created by Carol Gray. They are visual representations of conversations presented in a simple format.
Why use them?
They can be useful in supporting children to understand abstract concepts like feelings and intentions as well as focusing on what is actually said in a conversation.
This can help make things that are abstract for example, how another person is feeling. 
It can also help a child to understand that some thoughts need to stay in our heads as they might be hurtful or inappropriate.
How to write a comic strip conversation
Comic strip conversations are drawn whilst talking and the young person should take the lead.Stick figures can be used with the young person  choosing the medium (pen,pencil, crayon etc)
Comic strip boxes can be used to support with sequencing or pictures numbered.
You might need to practise drawing as you talk with the child starting with simple conversations and drawing those.
Using different colours for emotions in the conversation can help young people to 'make sense' of other peoples feelings and can be a useful tool for talking about feelings and emotions.