Welcome to the Bumblebee's page!
Our Bumblebee's classroom is a satellite classroom over at The Grange.
Our year 1 class consists of 9 children, 2 girls and 7 boys
The Bumblebee's staff include myself, Stacey, I am the class teacher
Coleen is the teacher assistant and Sarah and Alice are our classroom assistants.
This term we are learning all about Transport
Please keep a check on the web page for related activities.
Covid 19- if you're child has to isolate at home, the website will be updated with activities so your child can learn from home.
Out and About Activities  
Try some outdoor activities:
count the different vehicles you can see, what colours are they?
mini beast hunt in your garden or local park
count the flowers
splash in muddy puddles
watch ice cubes melt in the sun, what happens
water play!
Outdoor exercise is the best, see below for action songs to try at home!
Routine Songs
Stories to watch on Youtube
Barefoot Books- Driving my Tractor, The Train Ride, All Go Travelling By
Old McDonald's Things that Go
The Naughty Bus
Duck in the Truck
Mark Making
Maths is lots of fun and is all around us, why not go on a colour walk when outside, how many colours can you find?
A shape walk around your home?
Count the number of toys to put in a box and take them out and count again
Why not try garden bingo!
Tuff Tray ideas
This is what we have been up to in school, try at home!
Learning Through Play
Religious Education Activities
this half term we are exploring religious symbols!
We will be looking at where we see symbols that represent God, keep your eyes peeled for further activities.