Internet Safety

An important part of Safeguarding children is about keeping them safe online.
Here are some useful websites and there are more in the section on 'Useful Websites', in the E-Safety Policy and in the Family Support section.
Families please be aware of your children finding the content described below:-

Elsa Gate is a cartoon like video on the internet and while they  may in the first instance look innocent they have a rather disturbing intent in that the content has more of a hidden direction. It could enable abuse or grooming to reach children via cartoon and so in doing so become less of an assault.  

#ElsaGate refers to a wave of videos being produced by different channels, containing pop culture characters (typically Western) that are shown doing bizarre and usually violent / sexual acts. The reasoning for the existence of these varies. For example - some believe, controversially, that it is a form of communication used by child pornographers; others believe that it is to appeal to children for maximum ad revenue. Others believe that it started as a project for maximum revenue, and has now derailed into bizarre competition.  The majority of the live-action videos are made in Russia and the animations in India.

 I hope you understand the concerns and if you know of these cartoons that our children might possibly stumble across or maybe see as funny (as children don’t often see sexual intention especially when it’s as covert as it is in these cartoons)