Welcome to Heron's Page
The class are supported in the 'Heron's' class by the teacher, Tony, and four teaching assistants, Tracy, Scott, Rebecca and Jenny.  This year the 'Herons' are a mixed key stage 2 group of pupils in years 4 and 5. Our autumn topic is "Wild Weather".
In addition to our curriculum we undertake work on communication, behaviour and social skills.  Over the course of the week we also have access to a variety of facilities which assist our work on motor skills and sensory diets.
Key Activities
Once the term is underway and class routines are established we will be able to once again engage in some of our activities which have not be possible over the last couple of years.  Heron's day for a trip on the bus will be a Thursday (am) on alternate weeks.  We are scheduled in for swimming on a Friday; this is likely do be on a rota within the class.  More details will be sent to you directly once finalised.
Wild Weather
Our Autumn topic theme is wild weather.  In class we will be looking at how the Earth's position and movement in space affects our climate and the seasons.  We will learn how the Earth's climate is unique in supporting life.  By looking at contrasting weather conditions in different parts of the world we will learn about how humans adapt to their environment.