Welcome to the wise old 'Owls' class
 This year in the Owls class we have a fabulous group of young minds, eight boys and two girls. As this is the Year 6 class and the pupils final year at Brookfields, we encourage the children to develop their communication, independence and social interaction skills, preparing them as much as we can for their transition to secondary provision. The pupils are supported on an exciting and fulfilling learning journey, broadening their skills and developing knowledge, at a pace appropriate to them. We have the highest expectations for our Year 6 class, engaging their interest through a range of fun sensory and practical activities, alongside formal written tasks. During the course of the year, pupils will have the opportunity to get involved with Young enterprise and experience the Year 6 residential (Covid permitting!)
The staff team in Owls:
Sarah, Teacher
Sam and Donna, Teaching assistants
Helen, Teaching assistant Mon-Wed and Jane, Teaching assistant Thu-Fri
Curriculum - Autumn term 2021
Our creative topic this term is all about The Amazon Rainforest! We will explore the different layers of the Rainforest and learn about the geography; climate, flora and fauna, people of the Amazon and deforestation. Through our topic work we cover different curriculum areas, such as, Science, Humanities, Art and DT.
Literacy lessons will cover a variety of reading and writing activities, following the ReadWriteInc scheme, which encourages pupils to develop phonics sounds knowledge promoting their ability to read, write and spell. We will read a range of shared text, including fiction, non-fiction and poetry.
Maths this term will include work around number and calculations, addition and subtraction; geometry, such as symmetry, measuring Length and statistic, creating tally charts and graphs, collecting and interpreting data.
Pupils will also access a range of discrete curriculum subject areas, including; Computing, PSHCE/SRE, RE, PE and MFL.
Swimming will be on Tuesday afternoons
Minibus Educational visits will be on alternate Friday mornings