General Advice and tips for a SEND friendly classroom

Have a clear, shared routine
Having a clear and visual timetable which is shared with the whole class will make everyone feel secure and happy.We all like to know what is happening during the day and this especially important for children with SEND as structure is very important and can help reduce anxiety.
Use visuals to support learning and behaviour
Support learning and behaviour with visuals. For example timers can signal the end of an activity.
There are a number of reasons why visuals are effective in supporting children with SEND particularly those who struggle with  verbal communication who can also have difficulty with understanding and /or processing information. Visuals like PECS symbols or makaton signs can aid understanding and/or lessen anxiety resulting in more positive behaviours. Transitions can also be difficult for some children with SEND visuals can also support with this.
Keep the environment distraction and clutter free
Clutter and busy displays or bright colours and patterns can cause visual disturbance in some children with ASD (hypersensitive)so visually stimulating as they notice tiny detail,so lots of colour, clutter etc can cause overload as they try to process the visual information. Some children with ASD can be under stimulated (hypo sensitive) so visually stimulating things can be used to stimulate a child who needs this.