Social Stories

What are social stories?
Social stories are a short way of describing a particular event.They should include specific information about what to expect in the situation and why.They were created by Carol Gray in 1991.
Why use them?
Social stories can be used for a range of reasons.
  • To develop self care skills
  • To help aid understanding of other peoples view points
  • To introduce a new event or support with an event that causes anxiety E.G. going to the barbers.
  • To support with changes to routine
  • To give positive feedback
  • To support with behaviour E.G. What to do if you feel angry
How to write a social story
Picture the goal and why it is important, gather information EG where does it happen?, when? why? how often?
Use words like "sometimes" or "usually " if it describes a situation without a guaranteed outcome.
Content and language should be appropriate to age, ability and interests. Use appropriate images to support the text.
Your story will need:
  • A title 
  • Introduction
  • Body 
  • Conclusion
It should contain gentle and supportive language and answer 6 questions: Where? When? Who? What? How ? and Why?
It should contain descriptive and coaching sentences.
Here is an example:
My toys
My toys belong to me. They are mine.
Many of my toys were given to me.
Some of my toys have my name on them.
I may play with my toys or share them with someone.
I have toys that are mine.
Carol Gray - The New Social Story Book ,2015
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