LPPA Success!

17th May 2019
We are delighted to share that we have been awarded the Leading Parent Partnership Award. 

The LPPA is an exciting national award that provides a framework that has helped us to involve parents and carers more fully in every child's learning experience.

 One of the principle criteria of the Award is the promotion of and participation in lifelong learning within school for parents and carers. Family learning can reinforce their relationships with their child and the school as well as developing their own skills and knowledge.

The LPPA offers long term benefits such as improved pupil attendance and behaviour and increased parental involvement and support. We develop strong communication between school and home and nurture the child/parent relationships by highlighting the benefits of adult learning and the positive impact this can have on a child's own education.

 This is a challenging but rewarding venture that has had a positive impact upon every child, parent, carer and member of staff at our school.