Advice following Manchester Arena Attack

24th May 2017

Security Letter to parents following Manchester Arena Attack (24.5.17)

I am writing to you in response to last nights announcement that the country has been moved to critical status; the highest level of terrorist threat. As a school we take our safeguarding duties very seriously and have therefore made the decision to look very carefully at the destinations for our weekly educational visits. This will include avoiding all major towns and cities and potentially high risk places. We will take advice from our local authority and reassure you that all trips are fully risk assessed and have built in contingencies.

Within school we have a range of relevant policies linked to safeguarding and security and part of this is that we have a clear ‘Lock-Down’ policy in place that staff are rehearsed in. This would enable us to put the school into a secure ‘lock-down’ state for maximum security if this were ever to be required.

I do not intend by providing you with information to alarm you, rather that I hope by reading this information that you are reassured that we are undertaking our safeguarding duties to the best of our ability to ensure the safety of your children whilst they are in our care.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sara Ainsworth Headteacher