Hoax emails

28th March 2018

This morning a number of schools have received an email that the police are classing as hoax. This concerns a threat to children at the end of the school day. Brookfields has not received such a mail.

The police are ‘continuing to investigate the matter, however this appears not to be isolated to Cheshire with schools across the country receiving the same email which is believed to be a hoax. The National Crime Agency is investigating along with local forces’.

As information about the email is on social media it has been advised that schools notify parents highlighting that our children were safe and that the school is acting on Police advice; which is that the email appears to have been sent to schools outside the Halton area and is believed to be a hoax. Further to this they advised that schools will carry on as usual’.  

We are issuing this guidance so that you are aware of the situation and school will continue running as normal. However if you are concerned you may collect your child early.