Welcome to Woodpeckers!
This year we have two teachers in  Woodpeckers, Judith on a Monday Tuesday and Wednesday and Helen on Thursday and Friday.  We have a great team of Support Assistants with Sue, Lyndsey and  Taylor  all working hard to support your children. Our student teacher Becca is also back with us this term so will also be teaching your children under the guidance of the class team.
This term our topic is The Seaside. We will be looking at geographical features of the seaside such as beach cliffs, lighthouse and enjoying some stories related to the seaside such as The Rainbow Fish and The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch. Hopefully we will be able to use our minibus day to visit the seaside and feel the sand between our toes!  In Science we are looking at plants and growing and will be learning how to look after the seeds we have planted. 
Please take some time to look at the links below, there are lots of different activities you can try with your children from sensory play, physical activities to handwriting and reading comprehension. Don't forget your Education City Login's which have lots of different fun games for your child to play.
This term we are hoping to start swimming so it would be great if you could spend some time at home developing your child's independent dressing and undressing skills, the quicker we are the more time we have in the swimming pool! 

Woodpeckers Timetable
Here is a copy of our timetable. We thought you might like to see what we do each day in school. 
The phonics scheme we follow is 'Read Write Inc'.  Here are the sayings we use as we teach letter formations:-
Internet safety information
Here are some short videos to watch and talk about with your children about keeping safe on the internet.  There is also a really useful website for adults and guardians to provide more guidance about internet safety. 
Exploring Technology
Here are some programmes and games we have been using in class:-
Why not play your own 'looking game' using 3 bowls / containers to hide a toy, chocolate button or sweet underneath, move the bowls around and see if your child can find the hidden item. You could make this more difficult by using more containers.  Perhaps your child would like to hide the item for you to find too.
In RE we start the lesson off with a song 'This Little Light of Mine' to cue the children into the lesson.  There is a link below to this song.
Thinking and Problem Solving
Here are some songs and activities linked to topic work:-