Welcome to Woodpeckers!
The teacher in Woodpeckers is Judith and we have a great team of Support Assistants with Sue, Ailish and Louise all working hard to support your children. We don't know for sure when we will be seeing you all back at school, we hope it's soon. If you would like to begin starting to prepare your child I have included an easy to read document. Please read it with your child. In the meantime, while we are all busy working from home I will be adding a few ideas for home learning to the website. You might find it helpful to keep some structure and routine to your day. Get up at your usual time and get the children dressed and ready for the day. Louise has put some visuals on the school website which you might find useful to create a timetable with. Try to do lots of practical activities and make learning fun. Learning doesn't have to be reading, writing, maths and worksheets. These are great if your child will do them but if not don't worry. Use some of the Home Learning activities I sent home or why not try baking together, a great way to do practical maths and have plenty of sensory play. Get your child to help with the housework, lots of gross and fine motor skills and problem solving. Try and get out into the garden or go for a walk everyday, lots of fresh air and exercise will be beneficial.
Most importantly don't worry about being a "teacher" spend lots of quality time with your family, work on developing communication, self help skills and independence. If you need anything please ring into school or contact Louise and we will do what we can to help. If you want to try some activities look at the links at the bottom of the page for Twinkl, there are some good worksheets or or The Oak Academy for some practical lessons. Or if your child would like something more practical to do, how about trying to make a Sensory Box or Bag. Details are below.
This terms topics is My Favourite Book
 My Favourite Book Ideas - have a look at the Termly planning document for some ideas linked to our favourite book. 

Well I hope you all had fun listen to the story of Elmer and doing lots of colour work. This week (beginning 18th May) I have chosen a new story another of my favourites "Farmer Duck". Why not read the story together on line or watch the video here. You can talk about the different animals and about how they are all feeling. Why not try using a mirror and making different faces in the mirror to show how you feel. I have added some more ideas for Gross Motor Work, maybe you could make an obstacle course in the garden, and some work on Visual Perception and Spatial Awareness. Have a listen to some animal songs as well and maybe you could try moving like different animals?

How about taking some photos of your favourite book ideas and share them on the Lockdown Gallery?  


Have fun Woodpeckers.

I will be putting lots of ideas on over the next few weeks. Keep looking!!

Stay Safe everyone Judith
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