Welcome to Woodpeckers!
The teacher in Woodpeckers is Judith and we have a great team of Support Assistants with Sue, Lyndsey and  Ailish  all working hard to support your children. Whilst the school is shut to the majority of pupils due to Governmnet advice I can assure you that we will still be in school working to support our most vulnerable pupils and those whose parents are Key Workers. At the same time Woodpeckers Team will be providing fun learning activities on this page which will be updated regularly.
This term our topic is STARS, we will be looking at familiar rhymes and stories and thinking about the patterns stars make in the sky and linking this to map making and designing out own constellations. We will be thinking about Space Explorers and looking at Buzz Lightyear and his real life equivalent Buzz Aldrin. I will be suggesting lots of fun practical activities as well as posting links to activities your child can do online. 
Please take some time to look at the links below, there are lots of different activities you can try with your children from sensory play, physical activities to handwriting and reading comprehension. Don't forget your Education City Login's which have lots of different fun games for your child to play.
I have added a new story for you to share with your child Crinkle Crinkle Little Star. This week you could read the book and try some of the suggested activities. 

The timetable below is just a suggestion of how you might want to plan your day. You know your own child best of all and will know what activities and timings will suit them best.

At school we start with a few minutes activity as many of the children have been sat on the bus or taxi for a while, they enjoy both Joe Wicks and short Cosmic Yoga sessions as well as action songs on Super Simple Songs. Joe Wicks is live on YouTube every Monday Wednesday and Friday at 9am. Links to the Yoga and songs are on the class webpage. If you prefer to start the day a different way that’s fine.

There are lots of Phonic and Maths activities on Twinkl  https://www.twinkl.co.uk/home-learning-hub but I will be adding suggestions for daily/weekly on to the website using Read Write Inc You tube sessions.   

Don’t feel you have to do everything in one go or just once, we do lots of repetition in school to allow your child to really understand what they are doing.

Educations City https://www.educationcity.com/ is great for Phonics and Maths activities, don’t worry if you have forgotten your login, you can register for free home learning while we sort you a new one.

I will be adding suggestions for art, craft and science activities but if your child wants to go in a different direction that’s fine too. We are really keen on children being engaged in their learning and it’s more important that they want to do something than they want to do what we think they should!

And don’t forget our curriculum isn’t just made up of “learning” activities, we work equally on developing communication and self help/independence skills so some weeks I will be adding activities around getting dressed or maybe even making a sandwich!

Most importantly, don't forget that learning should be fun for you and your child, do your best and don't forget we are on the end of the phone/email if you need anything.
Judith and the Woodpeckers Team