Welcome to Heron's Page
The class are supported in the 'Heron's' class by the teacher, Tony, and three teaching assistants, Tracy, Scott and Zoe.  We also have a student teacher working with us in class this year. 
In addition to our curriculum we undertake work on communication, behaviour and social skills.  Over the course of the week we also have access to a variety of facilities which assist our work on motor skills and sensory diets.
Key Activities
Once the term is underway and class routines are established we will commence swimming and local trips out on the school minibus.  Heron's day for a trip on the bus will be a Thursday (PM) on alternate weeks.  We are scheduled in for swimming on a Friday; this is likely do be on a rota within the class.  More details will be sent to you directly once finalised.
Our spring topic is 'In the Jungle' 

As part of our Science work “animals including humans” and "living things and their habitats; we will learn about some similarities and differences between humans and animals and thing about the relationship between how an animal looks and the environment it lives in.  We will look at usefulness of maps in helping them to survive and thrive in geography and consider how we used to live during the stone age. Through attention autism we will explore our themes using creativity, our senses and language.