Welcome to Heron's Page
The class are supported in the 'Heron's' class by the teacher, Tony, and three teaching assistants, Tracy, Louise, and Scott.  This year the 'Herons' are a mixed key stage 2 group of pupils in years 4 and 5. Our autumn topic is "Water".
In addition to our curriculum we undertake work on communication, behaviour and social skills.  Over the course of the week we also have access to a variety of facilities which assist our work on motor skills and sensory diets.
Key Activities
The class enjoys time at the tyre park and on the newly refurbished playground each day.
In addition to the activities listed we access other facilities in the school including soft play, the light room, and forest schools.
Autumn Term
New! 21st Oct (Near the bottom of the resources) 
  • Check out the subtraction with regrouping video and worksheet! 
  • There are Subtraction from 30,20, and 10 numberline sheets for some of you to try.
  • If you want to and have a printer print out the Good Friend/Bad Friend cards.  Discuss your thoughts with an adult and sort the cards.
  • There are some Halloween colouring pages and a pumpkin cutting skills sheet to help your fine motor skills. 
  • Ill also add a link to a spooky song for some haunting fun!
Our Autumn topic theme is water.  Why not try and make a waterwheel at home!  The self powered wheel is pretty amazing!
October 2020 Look at the Picture sheet of our catapult.  You could follow the guidance to try and make one at home!
October 2020 - Watch the clip of the children testing bridges at home.  Afterwards some of you could make a table to compare the results of the three types of bridge!


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