Welcome to Squirrels.
There are 9 pupils in class.
Teachers in Squirrels:
Emma H (Monday-Thursday)
Helen P (Thursday- Friday)
Support Assistants: Clare, Jacki and Nicola (Nic)
Our topic this term is 'My favourite book'
We hope that the children will enjoy this topic.  In school we had planned to read through the following stories:
- The little red hen,
- The snail and the whale,
- Stick Man,
- The ABC simple dictionary.
Please see the links below to watch the stories listed and for further opportunities.
Key days:
-Swimming on a Monday afternoon.
-PE on a Thursday afternoon.
-Educational Visits will be every other Monday (alternate weeks). 
Soft play on a Tuesday / Friday.
Light room on a Monday/ Friday.
Tyre park on a Wednesday.
Forest Schools on a Wednesday.
We hope all our little squirrels and their families are all well and keeping safe.  I hope the learning packs that we sent home are of some use, they are there to use if you want.
Here is a list of some activities that the squirrels enjoy on a daily basis:
- Phonics/ alphabet songs via Youtube kids.  (There is an alphabet song on the link below.)
- We usually stretch our fingers in the morning with playdough- whilst we watch playdough disco via Youtube.  This gets our fingers/ hands ready to do our colouring. (There is a link below.)
- If you want to practise some letter formations see Espresso 'Foundation' in 'Literacy' section then click on 'Handwriting'; please focus on the small lower case letters. (Link on 'Resources / sites for children' on the 'Useful Websites' via Brookfields Website.)
- Listen to some counting songs.  As the topic has been about space we have been singing the 'Men in a flying saucer' rhyme (see link below).
Shape activities:
- Here is a 2D shape song the children have listened to in school:
- There is a new sorting shape activity below which I think the children will enjoy matching the correct shapes for the monster to eat! 
- Why not go on a shape hunt and see which shapes you can find around the house? 
- Perhaps hide different shapes in a tray of sand or scrunched/shredded paper, or oats or pasta for the children to find and explore.  
- Here is another shape matching online activity the children might like:
- Listen and join in with 3D shape songs.  (See the link below. )  Last term we have been exploring and learning about 3D shapes.  Why not try and find some 3D shapes around your home:- sphere (ball), cube (dice, building blocks), cylinder (can, kitchen roll tube), cuboid (boxes).  I wonder how many different shapes you can find?  Explore and find out can you build with these shapes, can they roll or slide? 
- Here is a 3D shape matching activity to see if you can match 'what's inside' each present:
Sensory shape activities:
 - There is a link here to a shape lesson from the Oak National Academy which may give you some ideas about exploring shapes and fun activities to try at home; capturing your child's attention by bringing a selection of items out of a bucket one at a time (or could use a box), drawing shapes in flour (might be a bit messy - but looks good fun) and printing shapes: 
Some other activities you might like to try:
- Rainbopictures to put inside your windows, will brighten up someones day (the children enjoy using felt pens/ paints/ crayons). 
- Or grouping colours together using small toys/ items from around the house or garden to create a Rainbow. 
- Challenge the children to find something 'blue', something 'yellow', 'green', etc.  
- Do some jumping.  Can you count 10 jumps?
Singing and signing 
- This is a lovely song to listen to called 'Every Brand New Day'.  It shows the signs to do too.  
(There are lots of other songs on the 'Out of the Ark' website.)
Songs to get you moving
- This is a favourite from last term:- 'From Head to Toe' song.  This song links in with the book by Eric Carle.
- Another lovely song from Out of the Ark, with actions to watch on the video link.  Why not have a go at trying out the actions yourself.
Gingerbread Man activities:
- Listen to the story of the Gingerbread Man. 
- Here is an activity to count the buttons on the Gingerbread Man:
- Perhaps you could make your own Gingerbread people.  Following a recipe means lots of counting and measuring skills and a chance to get your hands exploring new textures too. 
- Have a look for some toy animals you might have at home and recreate the story.  Can you pretend to be the Gingerbread Man? Can you 'Run run as fast as you can, you can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread Man' like the character in the story?
Sensory activities:
- Lots of us find looking at sensory bottles very calming.  Here is a great video for some ideas you might like to try at home. Don't forget to send us photos of your ideas then we can give them a go back in school.  (See link below.)
- For those who don't want to get too messy these 'Explorabags' look like a fab idea.  (See link added below.)
Number activities:
- Popping bubbles is always good fun!  To extend this activity count how many bubbles you can pop.
- Here is an activity you can try online to help George the monkey to pop the bubbles:
VE Day Celebrations
- Have a go at colouring in or painting your own flag. (See link for printing some bunting below.) 
- Play some music and have a dance. 
- Perhaps get dressed up in red white and blue. 
- Look for red white and blue items around your house. Can you find 'the same'?
- Have a celebration picnic with your toys. 
- There are lots of fun story links and interesting activities to be found on our Brookfields home page in the 'Home tasks' section, under 'Story activities' (on the left hand side).  I've put a link in to these activities here too:
Goldilocks and the 3 Bears
- After listening to the story find 3 teddies (or toys to pretend to be the bears) and place them on different chairs and beds around your house.
- Explore spooning / pouring porridge oats into different containers.  Can you make the bowl 'full', 'empty' and 'half full'?  Which container holds the most?
- Or even make your own porridge to eat. 
- Here is a matching game (to match the bears to the correct chair, spoon & bowl) you might like to try:-
More songs/ stories/ useful programmes will be added to our squirrels web page on a regular basis.  
Take care all and stay safe. 
Here are some songs to help with transition through your day.  The songs include tidy up time, good morning/ good afternoon songs.  Or for when work has finished here is our goodbye song so that the children know that that school has finished for the day.  We hope that you find these useful.