Welcome to Squirrels
Pupils: We are a year 2 class
There are 9 pupils in class, 5 boys and 4 girls
Teachers in Squirrels:  Emma and Helen (currently Sarah is teaching in class)
Emma H (Monday-Wednesday)
Helen P (Thursday- Friday)
Support Assistants: Clare, Jack, Nic, Louise (on a Tuesday)
The topic this term is 'Exploring the stars'.  The termly overview is attached below. 
During this topic we will encourage the class to find out about the stars, planets and discover the world around us.  We will listen to songs about the planets and read stories about going to the moon.  'Whatever Next' by Jill Murphy is a lovely story about a bear who pretends to go to the moon.  We will also sing rhymes such as 'Hey Diddle Diddle' and a new rhyme about when 'Humpty Dumpty went to the moon'.  The focus in technology is all about playing games, remembering too the e-safety message of always knowing what the children are accessing via technology.  Playing games is great and gives us chance to develop those important skills of playing together, turn taking and having fun!  Please let us know your favourite games; if you have some photos of your family enjoying games we would love to see them.  Photos and messages can be sent in via e-mail to Emma or Helen.  Teams will be using e-mail and phone calls to let you know how the children are getting on and to keep in contact with those of you who are learning from home.  For those of you learning from home will add learning activities onto this page each week for you too, so please keep checking to see what new activities you might find.  Please go to the bottom of this page to find out about new activities added. 
As always you can e-mail us or phone if there is ever anything you need to tell us or ask.  We always love to hear from you.  It is important to be kind and look out for each other, so please don't be on your own if there is anything you need to talk about, or that we can help with. 
Autumn Term 2020
We are so pleased to say the children are all settling well into Squirrels class and adapting well to new school routines.  For some of the children - they have moved classroom, for those who have stayed - they have new classmates and for others - they have moved into a completely new school!  We are so proud of each and everyone of the Squirrels.  
Our focus is around settling in, being calm and enjoying being in school.   Opportunities to visit the tyre park and explore in the forest area have been very relaxing and a good way to use our senses to explore.  We have also been doing lots of working and playing in class too.  Here are some photos of us settling into school.  We hope you enjoy looking at them. 
Here are some useful websites and activities linked with our curriculum:-
Christmas 2020
The run up to Christmas has been a little bit different this year, but we have still had lots of fun.  We have been busy with Christmas crafts, cake making, exploring Christmas related sensory resources, looking at Christmas books; a focus on the Christmas story and also the Story of "Stick Man".   
Father Christmas even popped in for a visit!
Here are some photographs of us enjoying the Christmas activities:-
Spring Term 2021
We hope that our Squirrels are adjusting to the new changes being at home, we will be providing activities that they may enjoy doing whilst at home. 
Our new topic this term is all about ' Exploring the stars'.  At the start of the week we listened to our space songs, please find the links below.  
We will provide a variety of activities linked to our topic and other areas of the curriculum each week.  These activities will be updated regularly - so do keep checking our Squirrels webpage.  To make it easier to see what is new each week - we will label each week as 'Week 1', 'Week 2', etc and move the previous week's activities onto a separate word document (which you can still access via the link.)
Plus there are lots of activities you can access on Education City https://www.educationcity.com/  (just let us know if need your log in sending again).
We would love to see photographs or videos that the children have enjoyed doing, please feel free to email them over to us (Helen/ Emma).  
Try these fun websites that we are going to use for our e-safety topic.
Just click on an image to get there!
Week 3 home learning activities.
Please explore and enjoy Cbeebies space week.  The link has been added above.
Literacy- Our story this week 'Whatever Next' by Jill Murphy. Please see the link below to listen to the story.
- Maths- Can we count the stars?  Star Number Cards | Counting cards, Teaching mama, Number cards  If anybody has any star stickers at home, also great for reward/ treat charts.
- Can we count the falling stars?  Counting Falling Stars Preschool Math Activity- Life Over C's Using cut outs of stars/ stickers.  Count as we pour the stars out onto black card/ or any coloured paper.
- Please see below worksheets if you have a printer at home.
- Can we have a teddy bears picnic just like Baby Bear in our story.  Counting  out the plates/ cups/ food items.  
Topic (Exploring the stars)- All about astronauts.
- Has anybody got a Buzz lightyear at home?  What does he look like?  What can he do?
- Cbeebies has got some great video clips about astronauts in space (Tim Peake).
- There is a link below for colouring in a astronaut.
Science (materials)- Which materials are strong?
- What materials are our houses made from?  Can we build a house?  If you have any blocks/ Duplo/ Mega blocks at home can we make design/ build a house or building?
- Please see the link below for the story 'The three little pigs'.  Which house was the strongest?
- Can we test materials with a hairdryer at home (on a cool setting with an adult).  Which materails blow away? Have we got any string materials at home ( metal pans/ the houses made from blocks).  Does anything blow away (a straw/ sticks from outside).
PHSCE/ RSE (Esafety)- please see link above.
Families- Families are all different.  Please see link below for video clips with different types of families.  
- For this weeks activity (if anybody has any animal toys at home) could we sort the animals into families. 
We would love to see pictures.