Welcome to Squirrels
Pupils: We are a year 2 class
There are 9 pupils in class, 5 boys and 4 girls
Teachers in Squirrels:  Emma and Helen 
Emma H (Monday-Wednesday)
Helen P (Thursday- Friday)
Support Assistants: Clare, Jack, Nic, Louise (on a Tuesday)
The topic this term is 'Ourselves'
During this topic we will encourage the class to find out about themselves.  We will look in mirrors to find out about the colour of our eyes and hair, plus identify facial features.  We will also find out about our families, homes and favourite things. It gives us a great opportunity to get to know more about the class too. So, if you have some photos of your family / pets / house / favourite activities you would like to share with the children in class they can be sent in via e-mail.  Teams will be using e-mail and phone calls to let you know how the children are getting on.  You can e-mail us or phone if there is ever anything you need to tell us or ask.  We always love to hear from you. 
Activities around school:
- We visit the forest area and tyre park each day
- PE in the hall on a Thursday
- There will also be visits to the soft play area and light room 
Here is a transition powerpoint for our September 2020 Squirrel class. 
We are so pleased to say the children are all settling well into Squirrels class and adapting well to new school routines.  For some of the children - they have moved classroom, for those who have stayed - they have new classmates and for others - they have moved into a completely new school!  We are so proud of each and everyone of the Squirrels.  
Our focus is around settling in, being calm and enjoying being in school.   Opportunities to visit the tyre park and explore in the forest area have been very relaxing and a good way to use our senses to explore.  We have also been doing lots of working and playing in class too.  Here are some photos of us settling into school.  We hope you enjoy looking at them. 
Here are some useful websites and activities linked with our curriculum:-
Week 5-6
We will be covering the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
For the next two weeks in school we will be learning about animals.  How they grow and change from babies to adults.
Activities over the next two weeks will be all about: 
- How does the caterpillar change?   
- What does the caterpillar eat?  
- Can we order the days of the week?
- What are my favourite foods?  What do I like? 
- What can we see in our story?  Creating 'I can see______' sentences with our PECS symbols/ pictures.
- How doers the caterpillar change?
Listed below is a range of activities linked to our story for the next two weeks.


Good morning Squirrels,

We are sad you can’t be in school today, however here are some of the activities we had planned for the day that you may like to try out at home:-

In phonics we usually start the lesson with a letter song to cue the children into the lesson.  Here is the link:-


Our letter sound this week is ‘T’.  Perhaps you could make a collection of things from around the house beginning with ‘t’ or even look at the ‘trees’.

For shape lessons the children enjoy this song to start off the lesson:-


How about searching for ‘squares’ around the house.  What shape is your window, the washing machine, TV or I pad.  Can you use your hand to touch the sides and the corners.  How many corners can you count?

As the topic is all about ‘Ourselves’ why not sing ‘Heads, shoulders, Knees and Toes’ as you look in the mirror.

Can you copy a smiling face or stick out your tongue?  Perhaps take a selfie on an I pad or phone and look through the photos to find the people you know.

We hope you all have a lovely day and look forward to seeing you back in school next week.