Welcome to Squirrels.
There are 9 pupils in class.
Teachers in Squirrels:
Emma H (Monday-Thursday)
Helen P (Thursday- Friday)
Trixi is our trainee teacher this half term.
Support Assistants: Clare, Jacki and Nicola (Nic)
Our topic this term is 'Space- under the stars' .
We will be learning all about The Solar system.  Creating a lovely interactive display board in our classroom.
- Lots of artwork will be involved such as painting, printing, collage and lots of glitter!!
- We will be reading spaced theme storybooks such as Whatever Next, our non fiction book all about 'Stars' as well as the well known nursery rhyme 'Hey diddle, diddle' and 'Twinkle, twinkle little star'.
- Our R.E lessons will consist of our favourite stories and towards Easter we will concentrate on the Easter Story.
Educational Visits this term will be to;  
-The world museum in Liverpool to see the planetarium and the spaced theme areas.
- The local library to look for space books or our favourite stories (RE focus)]
- Delamere forest to look for different materials (Science focus)
- The travel agents to see where we can travel to around our country or the world (Geography/ topic focus).
Key days:
-Swimming on a Monday afternoon.
-PE on a Thursday afternoon.
-Educational Visits will be every other Monday (alternate weeks). 
Soft play on a Tuesday / Friday.
Light room on a Monday/ Friday.
Tyre park on a Wedneday.
Forest Schools on a Wednesday.