Foxes Class is the brand new satelite class for Brookfields and is situated at The Grange School in Runcorn. This is a new venture for our school and the Foxes team are very proud to be pioneers in this school development. 
The pupils have settled into school extremely well and are enjoying the resources and space in their brand new classroom.
  • Shelley O'Connor - Teacher
  • Sami - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
  • Karen and Sarah - Classroom Assistants
  • Reception age pupils
  • 7 boys and 2 girls
Our topic this term is CBeebies. What is your favourite programme? Does your child have a favourite character? If so please share it with the class.
Our aims over this term for the pupils incorporate:
  • Recognising characters from the television through the use of toys, resources and activities.
  • Leaning to develop effective communication supported through a total communication approach.
  • Social skill focus to develop sharing and working alongside or playing with our peers.
  • Independence and self help skills around using an open cup and putting our arms through a jumper sleeve.
We have wonderful opportunities to explore beyond the classroom going on adventures around the school, negotiating steps and also accessing outdoor PE and play equipment in other outdoor areas of school. We are integrating with some of the primary pupils through our play.
Hello Foxes Children and your families
I know things are a little different right now and we miss our routine and fun filled Foxes days very much.
Please keep up to date with what is happening with school via the website, Facebook, parent text and if required emergency contacts.
All pupils have received a learning pack, although the main thing I can stress at this time is to BE KIND TO YOURSELF. Take each day as it comes and stay safe with your families. Keep in contact with friends, families and other parents from school if you choose to, be a support and use others for support.
The sunshine is a great relief, get in the garden if you can and enjoy nature and fresh air. Can you make a tree rubbing with crayons and paper? Can you plant seeds or garden? Can you jump on a trampoline and count how many times? Can you blow bubbles and try and catch them? Can you use chalk and make marks on the wall or floor? Can you kick, throw or catch a ball? 
If you can get out and about, go for a walk in a quiet place, post a letter, or look for rainbows that may start appearing in windows. Can you decorate, draw or paint a rainbow to add to your own home? If you paint directly onto a window remember to add a splash of washing up liquid to help the paint wash off  later. 
Be active - use some of the sensory exercises from your pack or join in action songs that you can find on you tube. Some of the aerobic sessions online may be a little tricky for Foxes but if you copy actions to fun songs they may copy or tolerate you gently supporting them.
Take care and stay safe
Love Shelley and the Foxes Team xxx
Here are some of the you tube songs that Foxes like to use:

Good morning song   - Dream English


Phonics song 2- KIDS TV 123

Keep fit alphabet - Jack Hartman

Makaton alphabet - Mr Tumble

Story song The three little pigs -  Cocomelon


Number song – KIDS TV 123

Keep fit counting - Jack Hartman

Colours - KIDSTV123


Animals makaton - Mr Tumble

Walking through the jungle - Barefoot books

Jungle - Super simple learning


Home time song - The singing walruss