Please remember to scroll to the bottom of the class page for the latest activities and updates :) Please share with school staff on your weekly phone call if you are engaging with any of these home activities and if you require any additional information or support.
Foxes Class is the brand new satelite class for Brookfields and is situated at The Grange School in Runcorn. This is a new venture for our school and the Foxes team are very proud to be pioneers in this school development. 
The pupils have settled into school extremely well and are enjoying the resources and space in their brand new classroom.
  • Shelley O'Connor - Teacher
  • Sami - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
  • Karen and Sarah - Classroom Assistants
  • Reception age pupils
  • 7 boys and 2 girls
Our topic this term is CBeebies. What is your favourite programme? Does your child have a favourite character? If so please share it with the class.
Our aims over this term for the pupils incorporate:
  • Recognising characters from the television through the use of toys, resources and activities.
  • Leaning to develop effective communication supported through a total communication approach.
  • Social skill focus to develop sharing and working alongside or playing with our peers.
  • Independence and self help skills around using an open cup and putting our arms through a jumper sleeve.
We have wonderful opportunities to explore beyond the classroom going on adventures around the school, negotiating steps and also accessing outdoor PE and play equipment in other outdoor areas of school. We are integrating with some of the primary pupils through our play.
Hello Foxes Children and your families
I know things are a little different right now and we miss our routine and fun filled Foxes days very much.
Please keep up to date with what is happening with school via the website, Facebook, parent text and if required emergency contacts.
All pupils have received a learning pack, although the main thing I can stress at this time is to BE KIND TO YOURSELF. Take each day as it comes and stay safe with your families. Keep in contact with friends, families and other parents from school if you choose to, be a support and use others for support.
The sunshine is a great relief, get in the garden if you can and enjoy nature and fresh air. Can you make a tree rubbing with crayons and paper? Can you plant seeds or garden? Can you jump on a trampoline and count how many times? Can you blow bubbles and try and catch them? Can you use chalk and make marks on the wall or floor? Can you kick, throw or catch a ball? 
If you can get out and about, go for a walk in a quiet place, post a letter, or look for rainbows that may start appearing in windows. Can you decorate, draw or paint a rainbow to add to your own home? If you paint directly onto a window remember to add a splash of washing up liquid to help the paint wash off  later. 
Be active - use some of the sensory exercises from your pack or join in action songs that you can find on you tube. Some of the aerobic sessions online may be a little tricky for Foxes but if you copy actions to fun songs they may copy or tolerate you gently supporting them.
Take care and stay safe
Love Shelley and the Foxes Team xxx
Here are some of the you tube songs that Foxes like to use:

Good morning song   - Dream English


Phonics song 2- KIDS TV 123

Keep fit alphabet - Jack Hartman

Makaton alphabet - Mr Tumble

Story song The three little pigs -  Cocomelon


Number song – KIDS TV 123

Keep fit counting - Jack Hartman

Colours - KIDSTV123


Animals makaton - Mr Tumble

Walking through the jungle - Barefoot books

Jungle - Super simple learning


Home time song - The singing walruss

Hello Foxes
Happy Summer Term. Its been lovely catching up with you via phone when I have been in school. You are doing an AMAZING job. We will be learning about animals starting with pets. Here are some links and activities that you can engage with if you choose to.
Super simple our favourite pets songs
Paint, colour or draw your pet or one you would like.
Look for pets on a local walk.
Care for your pet if you have one - feed, water, walk, brush, stroke.
Find toy animals and care for them as a vet - use bandages and plasters.
Use construction i.e. duplo or sticks to make a den or home for your toy pet.
Continuing with our topic on animals the next element is On the Farm. Here are some links and activities that you can engage with if you choose to.
Old mcdonald
Baa baa black sheep
5 little ducks
Paint, colour or draw your favourite farm animal.
Make a scarecrow for in your garden.
Find toy animals / soft toys that live on the farm. 
Use construction i.e. duplo or sticks to make a den or home for your toy farm animal.
Sing 5 little ducks in the bath or during water play 
Bake and taste gingerbread men
Cbeebies has many shows and songs linked to the topic of the farm
Happy Monday to you all :) 
Please continue with the theme of farm animals for this week . I've included some more links to engage with animal learning for you.
Under Home Tasks and Story Activities on the website you can follow and engage with a story of the week. So far you will find Goldilocks and Peace at last. 
Check out many of the subtitles in our home tasks activities for additional ideas. Also there are a range of ideas and links listed across all our class pages. For the age of Foxes pupils I suggest that in addition to this page try Butterflies and Hedgehogs pages, but feel free to look at any of our classes if you choose. 
Below, in the links, are some guided activities that you can engage with if you choose, around a maths theme.
  • Spring walk - go on a walk in the local area, follow photographs [taken by an adult on your phone first] to follow a path i.e. find the postbox, street sign, tree etc. Try making binocular out of toilet roll tubes to help our little explorers.  Try drawing / printing out the photographs and sticking them in order to follow next time.
  • Sing about the weather and draw / pint to  picture of what the weather is like today -
  • Draw / paint / collage spring flowers, remember to use green for the stem and leaves. Name the colours that you use.
  • Can you see any animals on your walks? - I have baby birds in my hedge - this is a sign of spring.
Monday once again :) 
Our animal topic continues as we head into the jungle. 
Use books and toys that you may have at home on this theme. Share your favourite animal stories together.
Shows and songs:
Check out the cbeebies website for a range of jungle themed fun.
Copy animal sounds and actions
Use jungle toy animals in play and name them and listen to what sounds they make. 
Sound lotto - guess the sound
Draw / paint / collage your favourite animal.
Move like an animal - monkey, elephant, bird.  Try And's wild workouts
See here for information about cbeebies apps
Hello Foxes children & their families 
Next week we will continue with our topic of the jungle - focusing on There's a Rumble in the Jungle 
I've included some more resources and links to engage with animal learning for you if you would like to. Including a PPT 'What's through the binoculars? - jungle style! Our Foxes children engage well and really enjoy these PPT's. 
Stories / Poems / Songs:
Rumble in the Jungle poem -
Rumble in the Jungle song -
Feel free to use other jungle themed story books from at home / youtube to continue the theme. 
  • Use jungle animals (from home if possible) to name and practice their sounds, use for play and encourage role play where possible. 
  • Use musical instruments (again if possible) or kitchen utensils objects from around the house to create different jungle sounds.
  • My creativity / Arts & Crafts - Use different resources and materials from around the house / outside such as leaves, packaging, sweet wrappers to glue and stick creating a textured jungle animal in comparison to a colouring in.
  • My physical activity -
  • Maths - Jungle play-dough mats (use the play-dough to give the tiger 2 eyes, the zebra 6 stripes and make 4 clouds for the giraffe 
  • Fine motor / Phonics - Jungle pencil control - encourage and support children to trace the dotted lines. Use the letters on the worksheets / beginning letter of the animals to reinforce those letter sounds and recognition. For example: Giraffe......g.....g.....g....Giraffe / Monkey.....m...m....m...Monkey.
  • Role play - Jungle role play cut out masks, encourage and support children when using the tools such as scissors / glue. Reinforce the names of the animals / the sounds they make throughout.
Additional activities:
  • I spy and Count - Use the 'I Spy' worksheet to encourage children to match / find and recognise the animals. It is also ok for the children to just look at the jungle animals. 
  • Jungle matching - Encourage naming, pointing and recognition of the animals. Use questioning such as: Show me the Snake .... What noise does the Snake make? ....  Which one makes a roar sound? Encourage matching image to image - starting with 2 or 3 animals and adding more if children are able to complete task with ease. 
Remember: The resources, ideas and videos on other class pages in particular Hedgehogs & Butterflies can also be useful for our children. Also see story activities, phonics and theme of the week activities on the home tasks section of the website. Please share photos,if you wish, of children engaging with the theme of the week or class themes for the gallery. 
Hello Foxes
I have enjoyed seeing the return of the warmer weather, have you? :) 
Lets have a look at some sensory learning ideas for this week.  Sensory play supports language development, cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving skills, and social interaction. This week I will focus on activities for physical movement [gross motor movement].
Remember: up and down or spinning movements are alerting and side to side movements are calming. 
Be careful with spinning activities unless your child seeks this to avoid injury or disorientation. 
Be careful not to lift, push or carry objects which are too heavy. 
  • Balance walk along masking tape on floor and walk in straight, curved and zig zag lines
  • Wall pushes
  • Pushing or pulling objects /stretchy bands
  • Push ups
  • Hand Squeezes
  • Superhero poses
  • Animal Walk - move in different ways - cbeebies Andys wild adventures help with this
  • Stretch like a bear or swing like a monkey
  • Follow the light/Follow the sound – The child’s whole head/body follows the movement of a torch
  • Sway in time with chill out music

  • Back and forth rowing - sing row the boat
  • Spinning (10 seconds in each direction)
  • Skipping
  • Jumping Jacks / star jumps

  • Arm Spins
  • Musical statues
  • Hopscotch
  • Scooter rides
  • Trampette
  • Balance / roll over / sit on gym ball
  • Walk over stepping stones [can chalk these on the floor]
  • Create indoor slides using cushions
  • Carry a backpack containing a favourite toy - not too heavy!
  • Ride a bike
  • Balance on a log

 Below are some activity links from Gross motor movements and yoga. Please do not physically put your child in these positions, show the image / model it yourself if possible.