As we have entered yet another national lockdown, this unfortunately means that we cannot attend school as we would like to. To support you through this time this page will regularly be updated with ideas, activities, stories, songs and pictures to help us through home schooling. 
Most importantly to us is that our children are happy, healthy and safe at home. As we have always said take care and be kind to yourselves through this time. I am at the other end of the email if you need anything at all and likewise, I would love to see any pictures of my class engaging with any activity / game or experience at all, just pop them over to my email. 
Enjoy time at home and lets start 2021 by making lovely memories where we are safest. 
Take care, Joanna & the Hedgehogs Team xx 
P.S - Please do scroll all the way down our class page, as there are endless amounts of resources available and parts will suit some more than others so have a browse and see what you might enjoy with your child. 
This weeks focus points: 22.2.2021 - 26.2.2021
Please see below for video links to each area of learning. 
Story of the week: Three Little Pigs 
Sound of the week: H
Number rhyme of the week: The Big Number Song
 Shape of the week: Pyramid 
Topic focus of the week: Woodland / Forest Animals 
Daily Phonics Sessions: 

Hello Hedgehogs children & families,
Everything is still very uncertain at the moment and there may be a reason that you cannot come to school for a little while, but know that we are still here to support you in any way we can. 
Below are the resources, links and activity ideas that you can access while home learning is taking place. 
This applies if you are awaiting test results or isolating, if you are poorly please just focus on getting better. 
All practical exploration activities will support their progression, along with number / letter songs, craft based activities and communication of any kind. 
Most important during this time if to keep yourself safe and be kind to yourself, have fun with your family and make lots of memories. 
Keep safe & keep happy :) 
Welcome to Hedgehogs class!
We are a year one class of 9 pupils. 
The staff members:-
  • Joanna is the teacher
  • Amy is our teaching assistant
  • Georgia and Hayley are our classroom assistants 
Our topic this term is Animals. Further detail can be found in the Spring Term overview attached above. 
We access a range of sensory based experiences through the use of additional rooms and facilities around the school throughout the week. 
In Hedgehogs we do a lot of our learning through play as well as group inputs and workstation activities. We will add photos below so you can see all the fun we have been having. 
Links to songs / videos / stories and activities: 
Spring Term Topic - Animals (January - April)
Can you look for animals in your garden or local area? 
What is your favourite animal?
Can you draw or paint some animals?
Can you move like some animals? 
What noises do animals make, what can you hear? 
Animal eye spy. 
Do you have any animals in your house? These are called Pets. 
Can you take some pictures of animals? 
Do you know any stories that have animals in them? Enjoy sharing some of these with an adult. 
Maybe you could make your own animal puppets to go with your stories? 
Animal related songs:
Animal activities:
Extra curricular activities for celebration and theme days during Spring Term, including: 
  • New Year
  • Chinese New Year 
  • Pancake Day
  • Valentines Day
  • Easter 
Summer Term Topic - Transport and Travel (April - July)
Here are some structured tasks, some may need a printer or you can use the ideas shown and make your own. 
Here are some nice songs linked to travel and transport: 
Here are some stories we would have liked to cover in Hedgehogs this term to support our topic based learning: 
  • Emergency Rescue - Jonathan Emmet
  • We're Going on a Bear Hunt - Michael Rosen
  • The Train Ride - June Crebbin
  • Super Submarine - Ann Parker & Tony Mitton
  • Whatever Next - Jill Murphy 
  • That's Not My Plane - Fiona Watt
  • Holidays - Salina Yoon
Watching Thomas The Tank, Fireman Sam, Bob The Builder, Cars (film) and Planes (film) will also support their learning in this area. 
Here are some online games, resources and activities that you may want to access with your children: