Hello Hedgehogs! I hope you are all safe and well. There is nothing I would want more than to be reunited with you all. 
I just wanted to signpost you to scroll all the way down our class page; I have added resources and ideas linked to Literacy, Maths and our topic. There are practical ideas, resources to print, and online games, stories and activities.
I can also suggest accessing the story of the week page, under the home task heading where there are a number of activities, songs and resources to support learning linked with a different story each week. I will also be updating our theme of the school including activities suitable for all children across the school. 
Just below, I will update our focus book and topic area every other week with a range of ideas that can be accessed at home. 
Most importantly, keep having fun, staying safe and making memories :)  
See you soon - Jo xx 
WC: 06.07 & 13.07
Our Literacy focus text: That's Not My Plane - Fiona Watt 
Our Maths focus: Shape
Could we print / draw / trace / handle / sort / match / explore different 2d and 3d shapes?
Any building activities will support shape knowledge. 
Here are some songs to support learning linked with shape: 
Topic focus:  Travelling In The Air
Why not try:
Going on a listening walk outdoors - what can you hear in the air? Birds, planes, helicopter?
Make a paper areoplane for you to fly yourself
Relaxation time - what can we see in the air, watch the clouds move? Rainbow? Trees blowing in the wind?
Making things fly ourselves - parachute with balls? Throwing balls? How high can we go? 
Sensory board linked to the story 'That's Not My Plane' - rough, bumpy, smooth
Blow up balloons and watch them fly
Matching pictures of planes / helicopters 
Role play being on a plane and taking off
Act this out ourselves, arms out jumping off the trampoline? 
Songs to support: 
Please scroll down our class page further for signposted activities linked to this area. 
Have fun :) 
Welcome to Hedgehogs class!
We are a year one class of 9 pupils. 
The staff members:-
  • Joanna is the teacher
  • Sue is our teaching assistant
  • Kelsey and Hayley are our classroom assistants 
Our topic this term is Transport & Travel
Following is some information about the events that take place during our weekly timetable:-
  • Sensory light room session
  • Educational visit (minibus, every other week)
  • Soft play session
  • Tyre park session
  • Swimming session (we intend to take the whole class every week depending on staff and kits in school)
  • Magic carpet session
  • Soft play session
  • Sensory light room session
  • Forest area session
  • Hall session - physical development
  • Tyre park session
Coronavirus Home Learning
Hello Hedgehogs Children and your families
I know things are a little different right now and we miss our routine and fun filled Hedgehogs days very much.
Please keep up to date with what is happening with school via the website, Facebook, parent text and if required emergency contacts.
Our home learning packs were sent home last week but I must point out that the most important factors at this time are to stay safe and have fun in your home. Our learning is very practical and the children will enjoy time at home with yourselves. 
Any number or letter songs on youtube will support your childs progress in maths and literacy, please ensure you are with them while they access the internet. I will add all of the activity lists and home learning planning and packs to our class page below in case you want to reprint any, along with some links to songs and videos that the children are familiar with. Please don't worry about what gets done and what doesn't. 
Enjoy some time in the sun keeping healthy and having fun :) 
Lots of love 
Joanna and the Hedgehogs Team x 
Links to songs / videos / stories and activities: 
Easter themed activities: 
Spring Term Fun
We have worked very hard with our maths, literacy and topic work based on animals. We have also enjoyed World Book Day, Science Week, Fairtrade Fortnight, Pancake Day, Chinese New Year and Sports Relief already this term!
Hedgehogs have enjoyed lots of practical sensory activities, educational visits and extra curricular activity such as Rebound, Swimming and theme days. 
We hope you have just as much fun making memories at home during this time. 
Summer Term ideas: 
Hello Hedgehogs and your families, I hope you are all well. I have attached some practical activities, structured sheets, songs, books, tv programmes and online games and resources that may support our learning this term. Keep having fun :) 
Our topic would have been travel and transport, there are lots of practical games and activities that could be explored linked to this area, as well as some more focused tasks attached below. Most importantly keep staying safe and having fun at home, learning through play is what we do best! 
Practical activities linked to our topic: 
Week 1 and 2: Local transport - WC 20th April
  • What vehicles can you see in your local area?
  • Tally's of colours, types and how many we see?
  • How do you move around - walk / bike / car?
  • Building a car.
  • Racing cars.
  • Rolling cars on different surfaces. 
Week 3 and 4: Emergency vehicles and journeys - WC 4th May
  • Fireman Sam.
  • Nee-naw sounds and books.
  • Tee and Mo ambulance and police.
  • Junk modelling and painting emergency vehicles.
  • Journeys; revisiting old pictures from holidays / visits etc.
  • We're Going on a Bear Hunt (book)
Week 5 and 6: Trains and Rail - WC 18th May 
  • Thomas the tank.
  • The Train Ride (book)
  • Magic Train (book)
  • Train track play.
  • Running train through paint to make tracks.
  • Pictures of trains.
  • Shape matching. 
Week 7 and 8: Water travel - WC 8th June
  • Water play.
  • Sink and floating experiment.
  • Building own boat.
  • Pretending to be in a boat in paddling pool.
  • Water patterns with water paint.
  • Super Submarine (book)
  • Brilliant Boats (book)
Week 9 and 10: Space - WC 22nd June
  • Whatever Next (book)
  • Building a rocket.
  • Trampoline bouncing to take off.
  • Everyday items wrapped in tin foil.
  • Trying on a helmet.
  • Solar system song.
  • Balls to represent planets. 
Week 11 and 12: Air travel and holidays - WC 6th July
  • Comparing hot and cold items.
  • Packing a suit case.
  • Role play a plane with an aisle.
  • That's Not My Plane (book)
  • Paper aeroplane races.
  • Paddling pool play.
  • Sand play.
  • Preparing a picnic. 
Here are some structured tasks, some may need a printer or you can use the ideas shown and make your own. 
Here are some nice songs linked to travel and transport: 
Here are some stories we would have liked to cover in Hedgehogs this term to support our topic based learning: 
  • Emergency Rescue - Jonathan Emmet
  • We're Going on a Bear Hunt - Michael Rosen
  • The Train Ride - June Crebbin
  • Super Submarine - Ann Parker & Tony Mitton
  • Whatever Next - Jill Murphy 
  • That's Not My Plane - Fiona Watt
  • Holidays - Salina Yoon
Watching Thomas The Tank, Fireman Sam, Bob The Builder, Cars (film) and Planes (film) will also support their learning in this area. 
Here are some online games, resources and activities that you may want to access with your children:
A little hello from me
I am missing all of my Hedgehogs so much and I hope you are all staying safe and well at home. Hopefully it won't be much longer before we can all be together again. For now enjoy your time at home, make special memories and play play play as that is what we do best! 
Lots of love 
Joanna x