Welcome to Hedgehogs class!
We are a mixed year 1 and 2 class of 9 pupils. 
The staff members:-
  • Joanna is the teacher
  • Amy, Georgia and Sarah are our teaching assistants. 
Our topic this term is "The seaside". Further detail can be found in the Summer Term overview attached above. 
We access a range of sensory based experiences through the use of additional rooms and facilities around the school throughout the week. 
In Hedgehogs we do a lot of our learning through play, as well as group inputs and workstation activities. We will add photos below so you can see all the fun we have been having. 
On this page you will find resources, links and ideas to support any home learning or extra curricular activity you may want to take part in. This will be split into Literacy & Communication, Maths, Topic themes and sensory! Please do get in contact for any specific things you might need. 
Here are some online games, resources and activities that you may want to access with your children:
General home learning resources!
Links to songs / videos / stories and activities: 
Literacy & Communication: 
  • Singing or watching the alphabet song 
  • Exploring sound making objects and toys
  • Singing nursery rhymes
  • Reading familiar stories 
  • Mark making using pens, paint, oats, sand or water
  • Using symbols / makaton / key words for chosen form of communication
  • Routine is very important as part of communication so we know what to expect, I have attached some familiar songs that we use at different parts of the school day
  • Number songs and counting
  • Sharing objects 
  • Problem solving activities 
  • Exploring, matching and making shapes
  • Ordering by size 
  • Heavy and light object hunt 
Topic learning will cover - My Home: 
  • W1 & 2: (5th Jan - 21st Jan) People, rooms and favourite things in my home. 
  • W3 & 4: (17th Jan - 28th Jan)  How to build a house - windows, doors, bricks, roof
  • W5 & 6: (31st Jan - 11th Feb) Different types of homes - house, bungalow, flat, cottage 
  • W7: (14th Feb - 18th Feb) Old and new homes - Tudor / Victorian / modern 
  • W8 & 9: (28th Feb - 11th Mar) Homes around the world - hot countries, cold countries, beach, mountain
  • W10 & 11: (14th Mar - 25th Mar) Animal homes - burrows, nests, under the sea
  • W12: (28th - Famous homes - Cinderella's castle, Peppa Pig's house, Buckingham Palace
Extra curricular activities for celebration and theme days during Spring Term, including: 
  • New Year
  • Chinese New Year 
  • Pancake Day
  • Valentines Day
  • Easter 
 Animals Theme
Can you look for animals in your garden or local area? 
What is your favourite animal?
Can you draw or paint some animals?
Can you move like some animals? 
What noises do animals make, what can you hear? 
Animal eye spy. 
Do you have any animals in your house? These are called Pets. 
Can you take some pictures of animals? 
Do you know any stories that have animals in them? Enjoy sharing some of these with an adult. 
Maybe you could make your own animal puppets to go with your stories? 
Animal related songs:
Animal activities:
  Transport Theme
Here are some structured tasks, some may need a printer or you can use the ideas shown and make your own. 
Here are some nice songs linked to travel and transport: 
Here are some stories we would have liked to cover in Hedgehogs this term to support our topic based learning: 
  • Emergency Rescue - Jonathan Emmet
  • We're Going on a Bear Hunt - Michael Rosen
  • The Train Ride - June Crebbin
  • Super Submarine - Ann Parker & Tony Mitton
  • Whatever Next - Jill Murphy 
  • That's Not My Plane - Fiona Watt
  • Holidays - Salina Yoon
Watching Thomas The Tank, Fireman Sam, Bob The Builder, Cars (film) and Planes (film) will also support their learning in this area.