Welcome to Otters Class!
 We have 9 boys and 3 staff. The class are a mixture of year 4 and year 5 pupils. 
During our school week, we have plenty of additional activities/ support to keep us extra busy:
- Swimming (alternate Tuesday PM)
- Educational Visit (alternate Friday AM)
- After school clubs
- Karate
- Themed days
- Lego Therapy
- Rebound
- Art Therapy
- Speech and language assistance
Keep your eyes peeled for regular updates on our exciting time in Otters class!
 Our topic in this summer term is 'I can cook it!'. We will be exploring a range of different foods, looking at how we prepare them and focusing on life skills as well as safety in the kitchen. 
Corona Virus activities update:
Hello to our little Otters and your families,
We miss you dearly, but we hope you are well ,keeping safe and being good! 
Our new topic this term is all about food! - YAY!! You will be able to explore, experiment, taste, see, and smell a range of different foods. There are lots of activities suggested below for you to complete and will be updated regularly with new tasks to do.
Do not worry if you do not complete all of the tasks in your work packs or on this page, we have suggested lots so you can choose which ones you want to do. But the main priority is that you are kept safe and well! So if one day you want to play out in your yard or garden, that's OK! :)
An additional activity you can do it to paint/ draw/ colour a rainbow to place in your front window. When you go out for a walk, you may spot them in other peoples windows too! How many can you spot? Which one was your favourite?
Look after each other, be kind and stay safe - We will see you again soon!
Otters class team x
Resource and activity ideas:
Send pictures or messages to your friends and show them what you have been up to whilst learning from home! Your parents can send pictures to Sara (via email) or Louise (via Whats App) and your pictures will be displayed in the Gallery section on the website! Check out what your friends have been up to too!