Welcome to Butterflies class
We are an early years class with 9 pupils. 
In our class we have five members of staff. 
Jo is our teacher and Catasha, Emma, Ailish and Kelsey are the Teaching Assistants. We are very lucky to have Toni in our team while Catasha is on maternity leave.
Here are some different resources to try if we do find ourselves having to stay at home. 
Share your child’s favourite stories with them. 

Ask them to point to pictures in the story or to recall events that have happened. 

Encourage your child to turn the pages independently.
Some fun activities to do with your child over half term!
  • Make some chocolate angel delight and add farm animals to make a fun muddy sensory tray!
  • easy chalk paint- water, food colouring and corn starch mixed together.
  • play foam- soap, water, food colouring, blended together.
  • slime- glue, baking soda, lens solution and food colouring.
  • freeze some toy animals in water

Week 3- Thomas the tank engine and blaze                       Week commencing 18/01/2021

During the spring term we will spend our time exploring and understanding our favourite shows on Cbeebies! Our interest topic this week is Thomas the tank engine and Blaze. In class we will be exploring different things; here are some examples of how you can explore these characters with your children at home:

  •          Go for a walk- can you spot a railway?
  •          Make a tunnel out of card board boxes for Thomas to go through. Can you use a torch to help guide him through?
  •          Thomas the tank engine face plate pictures.
  •          Explore dough and collages with paint and pictures of Thomas/blaze.

We hope you have lots of fun learning about Thomas the tank engine and blaze in his environment at home! Make sure you take lots of pictures and send them into school.