Welcome to Kingfishers in room TA5
In our class Lorraine is our class teacher, Kylie is our teaching assistant and Mel is our classroom assistant. There are 9 of us altogether ( 8 boys and 1 girl) and we are a lovely mix of Years 1,2 and 3.
We love making friends, playing games, exploring objects and learning new things.
Stay Safe Kingfishers
Hello lovely Kingfishers, Lorraine, Kylie and Mel are missing you very much. We hope you are enjoying time at home with your families but most importantly we hope you are all staying inside and keeping safe and healthy. We are all proud of how brave and fabulous you are: so keep trying very hard to remember our Kingfisher Rules when you are feeling a little overwhelmed at home.
We will see you ALL very soon
Summer Term
  Summer Term has arrived ( even if we are in lock down), below are some examples of the type of learning we would be doing in school and maybe some things you can talk about at home.
This term our creative learning journey topic is " Walking on Sunshine." Through this theme we will explore Holidays. Looking at different locations we can travel to and how they are the same and different. We will think about the type of clothes to take on holiday and what the weather might be like. 
We will look more closely at the Seasons and decide which one is our favourite and why.
Do you like Autumn and changing leaves, Winter and snow and ice, Spring and rain and sunshine or Summer when it is sunny and hot?
We will explore how to keep ourselves safe and healthy in the Sunshine and learn lots about Sun Safety.
We will think about holidays that we have been on and what holidays used to be like during the Victorian era.  We will investigate lots of different landscapes- the beach, parks, playgrounds and gardens- thinking about how they feel and what you might see and do there.