Welcome to Kingfishers in room TA5
In our class Lorraine is our class teacher, Kylie is our teaching assistant and Mel is our classroom assistant. We are also lucky to have Kristie as our teaching student!There are 9 of us altogether ( 7 boys and 2 girls) and we are a lovely mix of Years 3 and 4.
We love making friends, playing games, exploring objects and learning new things.
Stay Safe Kingfishers
We are so happy to have our Kingfisher class open, allowing all children to have an enriched and positive learning experience. However we know that times are still challenging with Covid19 and we want to make sure you are all keeping safe when not in school. Remember to follow local guidance with new lock-down restrictions and the importance of staying safe at home.
Autumn Term 2020
  During this term our topic is called "Superheroes to the Rescue." We will be thinking about all the people in our local community who are real life superheroes including all those who helped to keep us safe and well during Covid19 lockdown.
Do you know anyone who is a Key Worker Superhero?
Explorers Pathway
Communication, Language and Literacy
We all communicate and learn in different ways and in Kingfisher we have lots of fun trying out various learning styles to see which help us to grow and enjoy learning. We have lots of sensory activities to encourage conversation and develop vocabulary. This can include water try, messy play activities, using our senses to explore the world around us and developing our fine and gross motor skills. We use various resources to support our communication ranging from PECS, Makaton, Gestural Prompts and Objects of reference. 
Home Learning Journey
Please find below some stories, information learning slides, web links and activities you can do at home with your children. These can be used at all times and especially if you are self isolating or in lockdown due to Covid19 restrictions.