Speech Therapy Provision

Pupils at Brookfields School access speech and language input provided through Halton.
News update from September 2017:-

Halton Borough Council and Halton Clinical Commissioning Group have been working in partnership on an exciting new development in Children and Young People's Speech and Language Therapy services. 

We have taken the opportunity to jointly commission the service so it is delivered by a single organisation to all children and young people in Halton with speech, language and communication needs.  The Council and the Clinical Commissioning Group will share responsibility for all parts of the service and for children and young people's outcomes.  Services will include delivery of high quality, evidence-based provision and specialist assessment and intervention for children and young people with needs at all levels, provided in schools, nurseries and other education settings, in clinic and in a range of community venues. 

The organisation that was successful in being awarded the contract is ChatterBug Ltd, a provider of speech and language therapy services within other local authority areas; further information can be found on their website

The new service started on 1st September 2017. Children and young people who were previously receiving speech and language therapy services will continue to receive them, where possible from the same therapists. 

To refer a child or young person to the service, please complete the online referral form using this link: Referral Form. For all other queries, please contact the ChatterBug team on 01928 511075.