Season changes - Winter WC 11.01.21

Hello Brookfields! This week our theme is Season Changes - Winter.
WC - 11.01.2021
Our first challenge of the week is to stand anywhere in your garden / in front of a window and have an adult take a picture of you to capture the wintery scene outside. This will begin an ongoing project, each season you could take a picture in the same place to notice the differences, such as:
  • the leaves on the trees behind you
  • the colour of the sky
  • how light it is 
  • how much you have grown
  • how our clothes change
  • the weather behind you
I will be taking my own photo and it will be lovely if you could send me your "winter" pictures so we can collate one per season and look at the changes after a year.   
As Earth's Climate Changes, Is It Time to Redefine the Four Seasons? |  HowStuffWorks
Sensory Winter Activities: 
25+ Winter Sensory Activities and Winter Theme Ideas - Natural Beach LivingYou could:
  • Make fake snow / play with real snow if you have it
  • Ice play - experiment with melting and freezing
  • Make snow flakes with paper / play dough / paint
  • Build a snow man from any materials you have
  • Mixing wintery colours in paint / water / play dough
  • Paint ice to create arctic scenes 
Sorting between seasons: 
Seasons Craft and Re-usable Season Sorting Activity - Someone's Mum
  • Create a craft picture for each season as shown above
  • Sort your clothes into piles for each season 
  • Match your shoes to each season 
  • Re-create the weather in a sensory tray for different seasons - snow (flour) for winter, sand for summer, leaves for autumn and flowers and grass for spring. 
Please do access the activities below linked with changes in seasons. 
Below are some links about seasons, please enjoy!
I hope you take part and enjoy this weeks theme, please do send any pictures over so we can begin our 'seasons project' and see the lovely things going on at home.
Thank you and have fun!