Numbers All Around! 18.01.20

This weeks theme is: 
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The challenge set for this week is to pick a number of the day each day and then you can: 
  • write the number with pictures for that amount
  • run up and down the stairs / step that many times
  • hop / jump that many times
  • write your name that many times
  • search for that number in your house and garden 
  • make that number with cubes / toys / cars
  • blink that many times
  • twirl that many times
  • do that many star jumps 
  • print that number in paint / foam / sand / water
As well as anything else that I know your imaginative brains will come up with! 
20+ Counting Games and Activities for Kids | Kids preschool learning, Math  for kids, Preschool activities
Here are some practical maths activities that you might enjoy with any materials you have in your house. 
Why not try a.....
Number Hunt™ Early Number Game by Learning Resources UK - YouTubeHouse numbers / car registrations / on the tv / on games / on the remote / on the ipad / clocks...keep a tally of the numbers you see the most. 
Here is a link to a range of free online resources that you can access at home: 
Here are some links to online games and interactive resources that you might enjoy: 
KS3/ KS4 Group Maths Challenge Resources | Teaching Resources
I think we can all challenge ourselves to try something in maths that we haven't tried before. Examples: 
  • Counting higher than we have before
  • Adding or taking away 
  • Numbers bonds
  • Writing numbers
Numberblocks - The Numbers of Friendship | Learn to Count - YouTube
As always please do share all your number work with school, we hope you have fun and challenge yourselves!