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Our theme this week:
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Here is a powerpoint with messages shared from the local police to support us through our time at home:
During this lockdown we are all spending a lot more time at home than we usually would, so we thought it would be a nice idea to appreciate what we have at home and who makes up our home!
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Your first challenge: 
  • Take a picture or draw a picture of you favourite place in your house. 
  • Take a picture or draw a picture of the people that make up your home. 
HOUSE and HOME: Difference between A House and A Home (with Useful  Examples) - ESLBuzz Learning English
Home isn't just a building that is your house, it is a feeling, a comfort and happiness. This week I want you to do 5 things (one a day) of whatever makes you happy in your home. Please do share your pictures with us of all the lovely things you enjoy in your house. 
  • Playing with your toys
  • Sharing a book with someone in your family
  • Enjoying a meal together at the table
  • Watching your favourite thing
  • Tidying your bedroom 
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Above are some attached activities linked to houses and homes. 
I have attached our outdoor challenge to keep a positive mindset and there is still time to participate at home in your garden, local area for the last week of January!