New Year - Fresh Start! WC: 4.01.2021

Hello again Brookfields children, families and staff :) 
Here we are again with online learning and activities to keep us busy through this lockdown. It is very important that we focus on our mental health and well-being as we face yet more uncertain times. 
Our theme this week is New Year - Fresh Start! 
We do not need to change ourselves for a new year, we need to appreciate everything we have already done and got through and get ready to go again. So with some of the activities and ideas on this page, we can make sure we start 2021 as positively as we can under these circumstances. 
ImageTo start off our 2021 I have found a fun outdoor challenge that I will be taking part in myself. It might be cold but fresh air and a break from a screen is so important for our well-being this lockdown. 
Here is today's challenge that I have taken part in, hopscotch on my driveway!! 
5 Fun Ways to Play with Sidewalk Chalk | Sidewalk chalk, Sidewalk chalk  art, Chalk
Engagement is a large part of our curriculum focus and finding things the children enjoy will support their growing levels of engagement. We learn when we are at our happiest and most engaged, so below are some ideas of enjoyable activities our children might enjoy. In the new year we could try new things.....
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  • Music and movement to increase our heart rate 
  • Singing and stories to be shared with an adult 
  • Painting, cutting and other craft activities to show our creativity
  • Exploring our senses indoors and outdoors 
  • Trying new foods and drinks 
  • Enjoying socialising in anyways we can; phone calls, zooms, time with our families in our house
  • Puzzles and problem solving to stretch our minds 
  • Trying a range of different activities to find new things we enjoy
  • Learning a new skill - baking / tying shoe laces / riding a bike for example
Books That Help Kids Know and Love Themselves | Brightly
As well as starting fresh in the new year, it is important to recognise how amazing we all our. Maybe we could think of one thing we did last year that we are proud of, made us happy or we did for the first time - could you draw a picture of it / take a picture of it / write about it / tell an grown up about it / do whatever it may be again and an adult can get a picture? I have attached a document below where you can share all the things that make you amazing! 
Personally, I moved house in 2020 that made me very happy! 
Below are a range of activities linked to new year, fresh start, resolutions, what we are proud of and how we celebrated new year!
As we did last year, if you could share any pictures of our children engaging with any of the ideas on this page with school (the outdoor challenge, trying something new, what they are proud of, or any of the linked activities), so that we can see the lovely things our children are doing to start off 2021 in a positive way.
Thank you!
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