Nature and the Outdoors WC 22.02.21

Nature and the outdoors:
I hope you have all had a wonderful half term break and a good rest ready for the start of the next half term. We hope to have our children back in this half term but until then we will continue with out themed weekly learning. 
As the days are getting a little brighter and the weather a little warmer we are taking this week to enjoy the outdoors and everything it involves. 
First challenge: Can you go back to the place you stood for your picture at the beginning of the term in January and take another? What has changed? 
  • Is it brighter? 
  • More leaves on the trees? 
  • Are you wearing less layers? 
  • Has your hair got longer?
  • Have you grown taller? 
Music Therapy this week: 
Image result for outdoor challenge for kids
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Can you go for a walk or around your garden to listen or find animals and creatures? What is their name? How big are they? How many legs do they have? Can they fly? Can you draw or make a list of the creatures you find? 
May be an image of text that says "ANIMAL SCAVENGER HUNT primary.,implayground Find an animal that crawls. •Find an animal with 4 legs. Find an animal that is white. Find an animal that can fly. Find an animal with 2 legs. Find an animal with stripes. Find an animal that can be a pet. Find an animal with spots. Find an animal that is endangered. Find an animal that can swim. Find an animal that can hop. •Find an animal that eats leaves. Find your favorite animal."
Below are a number of science related activities and experiments you can complete in your outdoor area or at home. 
Please do enjoy some time outdoors exploring the nature around you this week. This could be animals, the weather, the plants, the season change or the fun you can have outside. If you could send over any photos of your children engaging that would be brilliant. Keep safe and have fun outside.