Links with South Africa and Namibia

Through the British Council Connecting Classrooms Programme we are linked with 2 special schools in Africa. Ocean View School for LSEN in Cape Town, South Africa and Eros Girls School in Windhoek, Namibia.
During the first year of the project we completed several "getting to know you" activities. We held an African week in May 2015 and took part in Literacy, D&T, Art, Geography and PHSCE based activities. We learnt about the countries our new friends lived in and what life is like for them. We exchanged letters, emails and Skyped with our friends. We tasted different foods, made craft items and played different types of musical instruments such as the Djembe drum. 
As part of the project staff from all 3 countries have the opportunity to visit the partner schools. Sam, our Deputy Headteacher visited Ocean View in Cape Town in May. Farida, the Headteacher from Ocean View and Eppie, a teacher from Eros School visited us here in September 2015. 
We are very excited to be able to share resources, ideas and find out about where are friends live. We have enjoyed learning about the similarities and differences of how we live our lives in the 3 different countries.
We are taking part in a gardening project and a recycling project with our peers and continue to exchange letters and information.
Please have a look at Sam's Powerpoint of her time in Cape Town and browse through the photos of when Farida and Eppie visited us.
We will be applying again to the British Council to continue our International Schools link work.