Girls group

At Brookfields we have a very special social group for our girls.  The group runs fortnightly and has been developed jointly by Deputy Head teacher Sam Campion Gibson and Speech and Language Practitioner Jude Inman (Jane Mullen Speech Therapy Ltd). 

The reason for the development of this group is that there are far fewer girls in Brookfields School than boys and also how girls develop and socialise is very different to boys.  There are some classes in the school where there are either no or very few girls.

The group helps to develop social skills within the girls and helps them to begin to identify with their emotions.  The girls are of mixed ages and abilities which helps them to develop friendships and share interests. 

Each session follows the same format and we check in with the girls how they are feeling that day at the start and end of the group session.  We enjoy a wide range of activities such as craft activities, storytelling, jewellery making, pamper sessions and cooking, to name just a few.   The activity which the girls enjoy the most is dressing up. The girls have also held Afternoon Tea for their Mums and Grandmas!