Duckling Diaries

For the first time ever we are going to be taking delivery of some duckling eggs. We will be looking after them very carefully and watching as they hatch and start to grow.
We will keep a photo diary here for you all to see.
They arrive in school on the 27th February, they are expected to hatch on the 1st March and they will be collected on the 9th March.
Update on Duckling 5.
Our fifth duckling to hatch is much smaller than the other 4 ducklings. He is able to eat and drink and does so very well and has a great appetite. He cannot waddle around like the others but moves around a bit like a seal!
I spoke to the farmer about him to get advice. He reassured me that as long as he can move around, can feed himself and isn't looking distressed then all is well. He will be re-homed to a centre that cares for ducklings that are injured or don't fully develop as well as they should. So all's well that ends well. (Phew!!)