Story Activities

This page will be updated weekly with different stories and activities that you can engage with at home with your child.  The activities span a range of abilities for the children across school. Some require access to a printer. Please do not feel you have to use all the examples, we wished to offer preferences and variety.
Each story will have a resource added that lists questions for the story that are divided into levels [called BLANKS]. If you are unsure which level your child is working on then begin at level one and work up. For non-verbal pupils use objects, symbols or pictures within the book for them to answer for example if asking 'Who is this?' point to the picture of Goldilocks in the book and have the bear and Goldilocks doll or symbols as choices. If this is not an option then rephrase the question i.e show me Goldilocks. 
We hope you enjoy reading, hearing and engaging with some of Brookfields favourite stories at home :)  Shelley and Joanna x
Our first story is Goldilocks and the three bears.
If you do not have a copy of this story at home then here are links where you can listen to it:
Find resources at home that you can explore whilst listening to the story:
  • Teddy bears
  • Doll for Goldilocks
  • Bowls with porridge for sensory play [ made with milk or dry oats]
  • Blankets or material pieces for the beds or alternatively take your doll character on a journey to the chairs or beds in your home
Here is a song that engages in counting and size words
This story leads to opportunities to learn about opposites. Hold and feel the objects whilst hearing describing words i.e hot and cold for porridge, hard and soft for the beds and chairs.
Here are some additional cross curricular resources linked to the story that you may wish to access.
Most importantly have fun and enjoy the story and, unlike Goldilocks, stay home  and stay safe :) 
This weeks story is called Peace at Last. Join in with the repeating phrase 'Oh no' 'I can't stand this' with words or sounds to talk with Mr Bear. 
I had some character friends in my house that helped me to retell this story - do you have bears too? Look at the photographs of the fun my bear friends had helping me. If you only have one bear, try taking it on a listening journey around the rooms in your house, garden or on a walk - what sounds can your bear [and child] hear?
Here is a link to the story -
Here is a song to link with the story -
This story explores night and day - can you talk about things we do in the evening and the daytime.
This weeks story is called The Train Ride. This story is about a journey on the train. Have you even been on a train? What did you see?
Maybe we could join in with the repeating phrases "What shall I see?" & "That's what I see". 
To support learning with this story we could enjoy playing with a train track if you have one at home, or draw chalk tracks on the floor [chalk washes of hard floors indoors or out].  
Have you got any small world characters or items to explore; animals, vehicles, people and a mirror to recreate the story? my favourite part to act out in this story is the tunnel - I use blankets or cloths to make a tunnel perhaps in a pop up tent, under the table or between chairs.  
Here is a link for the story in a singing version
Other train links:
Timmy makes a train using boxes, can you do this too for you or your toys?
Below are some activities linked to this story and some questions as prompts to support children's understanding of the story, we hope you enjoy 'The Train Ride'. 
Welcome back to a new half term, we hope you have all had a lovely break and enjoyed the beautiful weather. 
Our story this week is Handa's Surprise. We have some practical activities linked to the story that you could try, some attached resources to support learning and some prompt questions for the children's comprehension and deeper level understanding.
Most importantly, as always, have fun and enjoy sharing a story.
Here is a link to watch the story:
If you enjoyed the story you might like to watch Handa's Hen:
You might like to: 
  • enjoy sand and water play outdoors, is it hot / cold? In the sun and in the shade? 
  • fruit tasting, fruits from the story or any fruit your children might like
  • small world play with animals and food items, recreating the story
  • make a healthy snack, practice peeling, chopping and making fruit salads / fruit kebabs
  • paint printing with chopped fruit
  • matching fruits to pictures
  • balancing a basket on our head, how long can we keep it still, can we move with it? 
  • animal puppets to act out the story
  • enjoy play outdoors in the sun, hot like in the story 
  • set up a fruit shop, 5p for an orange, 8p for a banana etc
  • colour sorting fruit
  • make a healthy eating plate
  • what animals and plants can we see out and about? 
  • make a basket of presents for our friends