All about the playground project.

We have a very large outdoor space which is home to a range of equipment such as outdoor gym equipment, basket swing, a Trim Trail and bike area. This is very valuable space for our pupils as they need lots of sensory and physical activity to support their individual learning needs. It is very well used at playtimes and as an outdoor learning space.

The space is mostly grass at the moment which becomes very muddy and slippery in the winter months and at times is not safe to use. This means that we have to restrict the children from using it which means they cannot access the equipment and physical activity vital for their development.

We would like to make this area an ‘all weather’ space so that the children can use it all year around.  This playground is also opened up during the holidays to allow the children and their families a quiet, safe and familiar place to play as local parks and play areas are far too busy and overwhelming for our children.

In order to remove all off the grass and replace with a range of different types of artificial safety surfaces including some artificial grass we need to raise approximately £85,000.

As a school we are doing lots of fundraising through our PTFA over the next 12 months to achieve our goal as we would like to be able to have this refurbishment work completed over the summer holiday period 2020.